Terms and Conditions

What we purchase

SellToner.com purchases new, unused, and factory sealed Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) brand items, such as HP, Lexmark, Dell, Xerox, Canon, ETC...

We buy most OEM toner models, including fax, ink, and copier supplies. We also purchase maintenance kits, fuser kits, and transfer kits.

We will often purchase unused toner cartridges where box and inner bag has been opened. Opened toners will be thoroughly inspected, credit will not be given if found to be missing parts. Important: Be sure to adjust the box style/status and condition to accurately reflect your items when submitting your offer.

Full disclosure is required for an accurate quote. If we determine that full disclosure was not given for the entire offer we will adjust the quote to reflect what items, and their respective conditions, were actually received and send payment.

What we do not purchase

We do not purchase compatible, remanufactured, or empty printer cartridges. Some indications that the toner, or cartridge, is a compatible model are as follows: generic labeling on the box; text reading "replaces (name of) cartridge"; If the toner box is labeled "Compatible", "Premium Replacement Toner", "Remanufactured". If your toner has any of these indications, we will not be able to purchase the item. Including these in your shipment will result in fees that will affect your payout total and will not be sent back to you.

We do not purchase expired ink cartridges. All ink cartridges must have expiration dates at least 9 months out. Ink cartridges that expire within 9 months will be discounted.

We do not purchase out of box or open box ink cartridges.

We do not purchase used or empty toner or ink cartridges. Including these in your shipment will result in fees that will affect your payout total and will not be sent back to you.

Shipping Terms

SellToner.com provides an easy solution for shipping your items. A price quote that exceeds $40 qualifies for free shipping when you've also accepted our quoted prices (within the Continental US only). Any quote below $40, free shipping isn't provided. (If shipping internationally, speak with your representative.)

Please carefully pack your new, unused, genuine OEM brand items into an outer box. All items must be packed within a shipping box or pallet; over-boxing is very important to keep your units in good condition so that we can pay you top dollar! Please let us remove any stickers or labels from your items; we know how to remove labels without causing damage which would affect the value of your items.

Include a copy of your quote/purchase order inside the box. The shipping box must weigh under 70lbs; Maximum box size is 72 total inches, for example 24" X 24" X 24". If you need more than one shipping box, no problem! We can supply you with the labels you need for your shipment. However, you must ship as "in bulk" as possible. For example; shipping 4 items in two boxes would cost us 40% more than shipping the same 4 items in one box. A good rule of thumb is to always ship as if you were the one paying the shipping. Abuse of our label system will result in us no longer being able to pay the shipping.

Depending upon the size of your order, we can offer freight, or Fed Ex options. When appropriate, you will have access to our pre-paid shipping labels through a link in your active offers; for larger shipments, we can arrange a freight pick up.

Customers who ship oversize boxes, or items that were not included on the original order, will be liable for shipping charges; please notify us before shipping items not included on the original order so that we can approve the additional inclusion. Any items shipped to us without prior approval will be considered forfeit and will not be sent back.

Payment Terms

Upon arrival of your shipment, our team will carefully inspect each item. Once the shipment has been approved, you will receive a notification email and payment will be issued within 24 hours. Partially received or mismatched orders will have their payments delayed until they are either completed or adjusted by your SellToner.com rep to what was received.

We will apply appropriate payment terms to all orders we receive. Our "Open Item" price chart (see below) lists the payment scale for opened toner cartridge boxes.

For those few vendors who we have agreed to pay up front, special terms apply. Such orders must be received within 10 business days of payment. After 10 business days the order is late. Excessive late or short shipments will result in us no longer paying up front. If we ever have to initiate a PayPal dispute or credit card charge back due to not receiving all the items we've paid for then we will not pay up front again. No exceptions other than a valid, verifiable late excuse such as weather or carrier delays.


ALL SELLERS MUST HAVE THE PRODUCT YOU ARE OFFERING IN YOUR POSSESION. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE OFFERS FOR PRODUCT YOU DO NOT HAVE IN YOUR POSSESION. Unless you are brokering the deal in which case it must be finalized on your end BEFORE you offer it to us."

Every seller must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age in order to conduct business with SellToner.com (and its owners). In addition, all toner, ink, or other product submitted to SellToner.com must have clear title (by submitting an offer, seller confirms 100% legal ownership of product).

Furthermore, seller confirms they are a legal re-seller and the actual legal owner of any and all supplies or other property sold or attempted to be sold to SellToner.com, and acting in their own behalf and not as the agent or representative of another person. Seller agrees that any disputes regarding any transaction must be resolved in the courts of the State of Utah.

SellToner.com may, but shall not be obligated or required to, request documentation or other proof of compliance with the requirements contained in these terms and conditions.

Price List

Our prices are based on market supply and demand, current surplus buy back pricing, inventory, etc. Because these numbers can fluctuate quickly, all offers are only valid for 7 days.

Open Item Chart

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