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How To Ship Your Ink and Toner

  SellToner.com provides an easy solution for shipping your items. A price quote that exceeds $40 qualifies for free shipping when you've also accepted our quoted prices (within the Continental US only). Any quote below $40, free shipping isn't provided. (If shipping internationally, speak with your representative.) Please carefully pack your new, unused, genuine OEM brand items into an outer box. All items must be packed within a shipping box or pallet; over-boxing is very important to keep your units in good condition so that we can pay you top dollar! Please let us remove any stickers or labels from your items; we know how to remove labels without causing damage which would affect the value of your items.
  • Please over-box your items and pack well to ensure they don't get damaged in transit.
  • Seal/tape box well to ensure box integrity
  • Adhere shipping label to box
  • Drop off at nearest Fed Ex Location

  • Please do not mark box or package whatsoever, including UPC's.  Doing so may decrease the value of your items.
  • Please do not remove any labels, stickers, or tape on the box. We will professionally remove all labels and identifying information on packages upon receipt of order. Doing so may decrease the value of your items.
  • Do not cut out any part of the box whatsoever including UPC's. Doing so may decrease the value of your items.