Liquidate your surplus ink and toner!

Need to get rid of your toner and ink fast?

Do you have a stock room full of toner you are looking to liquidate? Are you going out of business and want to get only the top dollar for your ink and toner surplus supplies? Sell Toner offers a new solution, and with it you get paid fast turning your surplus toner and ink supplies into cash. We buy almost any genuine ink and toner brand part. (See full ink and toner brand list here).

We barter with you so you get the top dollar.

The Sell Toner barter system is extremely simple, you create an account to sell ink and toner. We have an innovative bartering system unique to our industry. The process is quick and simple. You create an offer. By default we will have an offer price for every item, if you wish to adjust the offer price you may. Once you are satisfied with your offer submit it. If the everything looks good to us we will accept your offer. If there is something that we can't pay as much as you would like for we will counter your offer. If you accept the counter offer all you have to do is ship the product to us and get paid. If you still want to try and get more money out of your product you can counter back. This way both parties can find a price they agree on.

We keep in contact.

You will receive emails about what is currently going on with your order. If we haven't received it we will let you know. Once we do receive it you get paid. It's that simple!

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