Need to get rid of your ink and toner cartridges fast?

Liquidate your surplus ink and toner!

Do you have a stock room full of toner you are looking to liquidate? Are you going out of business and want to get only the top dollar for your ink and toner surplus supplies? Sell Toner offers a new solution, and with it you get paid fast turning your surplus toner and ink supplies into cash. We buy almost any genuine ink and toner brand part.

We barter with you so you get the top dollar.

We use an innovative bartering system unique to our industry.

The process is quick and simple. When creating an offer, by default, we will have an offer price for every item you add.

If you wish to adjust the offer price before you submit, you can. When you are satisfied, submit it to us for review. If we agree, we will accept your offer.

If there is an issue (IE: asking price is too high, undesirable parts/conditions, etc,) we will counter your offer with what we can do. You can then either accept, decline, or counter back, until we reach an agreement that benefits everyone.

Once an offer is accepted, just ship the product to us and get paid.

We keep in contact

You will receive notification emails regarding your order (IE: late orders, missing items, etc.). If there’s an issue, we will let you know about it ASAP so you will always know what is going on every step of the way.

When your order is received and inspected, you get paid. It’s that simple!