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How to Make Printer Ink Last Longer

How to Make Printer Ink Last Longer Considering how expensive printer ink can be, knowing how to make printer ink last longer can save you a lot of money long-term. There are plenty of ways to do this too! So we’ve collected the absolute best ways to prolong your ink usage below. Adjust Your Printer […]

Why is Printer Ink So Expensive?

Why is Printer Ink So Expensive Buying printer ink in bulk is a great way to save money. On their own, ink cartridges can be very pricey, and that’s annoying when you don’t know why! In fact, there are many reasons why printer ink is so expensive, and not every reason may be justified. Most […]

Does Printer Ink Expire?

Maybe you’re buying printer ink cartridges online. Maybe you’ve bought more cartridges than you need. Either way, the question “Does printer ink expire?” has probably crossed your mind on more than one occasion.  Yes, ink cartridges expire. Typically, it takes about one and a half to two years, so you have plenty of time to […]

Is Printer Ink Toxic?

It’s easy to spill printer ink on yourself while changing cartridges, but it can also be easy to clean up if you know the right ingredients. Still, after rubbing away the stubborn ink stains from your hands or clothing, you may wonder what exactly printer ink is made from. Is it safe to get on […]

How to Get Printer Ink Off Your Hands

If you’ve ever had to change an ink cartridge on your printer, you probably understand the frustration that comes with even the slightest spill. Ink is nasty business. It stains quickly and it’s hard to remove, so spilling ink on your hands can be seriously annoying. For these reasons, it helps to know how to […]