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Is Printer Ink Toxic?

Is Printer Ink Toxic?It’s easy to spill printer ink on yourself while changing cartridges, but it can also be easy to clean up if you know the right ingredients. Still, after rubbing away the stubborn ink stains from your hands or clothing, you may wonder what exactly printer ink is made from. Is it safe […]

How to Get Printer Ink Off Your Hands

How to Get Printer Ink Off Your Hands If you’ve ever had to change an ink cartridge on your printer, you probably understand the frustration that comes with even the slightest spill. Ink is nasty business. It stains quickly and it’s hard to remove, so spilling ink on your hands can be seriously annoying. For […]

Top 4 Reasons to Sell Surplus Ink and Toner

1)      Liquidate small assets.  Every dollar matters in this economy, to both businesses and homeowners.  Selling ink cartridges and toner that you no longer have a need for is a wonderful way to add unforeseen money to your checking account or bottom line. 2)      Create more space.  Another thing that all businesses and homeowners are […]

The Need For Ink

Contrary to popular belief, offices around the country are still using fax machines at a high rate.  According to a survey done by Nitro, 42 percent of office workers send faxes each day either “most of the time” or “all the time.”  What’s more, less than 4% of respondents replied that they “never” use fax […]