We buy brand new unused and unwanted Riso Ink and Riso Toner Cartridges that our factory sealed product as you would see in a retail store. All expiration dates on inkjet cartridges must be at least s

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Part No.TypeDescriptionPrice
S132InkjetRISO S-132 Master Rolls GR Type 76W (2/box)
S2485InkjetRISO S-2485 Master Rolls CR Type B4 (2/box)
S2487InkjetRISO S-2487 Black Ink CR (2/box) 800ml
S2488InkjetRISO S-2488 Black Ink CR (2/box) 800ml
S2489InkjetRISO S-2489 Red Ink CR (2/box) 800ml
S2490InkjetRISO S-2490 Blue Ink CR (2/box) 800ml
S2491InkjetRISO S-2491 Green Ink CR (2/box) 800ml
S2492InkjetRISO S-2492 Brown Ink CR (2/box) 800ml
S2493InkjetRISO S-2493 Yellow Ink CR (2/box) 800ml
S2494InkjetRISO S-2494 Bright Red Ink CR (2/box) 800ml
S2500InkjetRISO S-2500 Master Rolls Type A4-L (2/box)
S2632InkjetRISO S-2632 Master Rolls Z Type HD87
S2738InkjetRISO S-2738 Black Ink FR (2/box) 1000ml
S2742InkjetRISO S-2742 Red Ink FR (2/box) 1000ml
S2743InkjetRISO S-2743 Blue Ink FR (2/box) 1000ml
S2744InkjetRISO S-2744 Green Ink FR (2/box) 1000ml
S2745InkjetRISO S-2745 Brown Ink FR (2/box) 1000ml
S2746InkjetRISO S-2746 Yellow Ink FR (2/box) 1000ml
S2748InkjetRISO S-2748 Light Grey FR (2/box) 1000ml
S2749InkjetRISO S-2749 Bright Red Ink FR (2/box) 1000ml
S2750InkjetRISO S-2750 Medium Blue Ink FR (2/box) 1000ml
S2751InkjetRISO S-2751 Federal Blue Ink FR (2/box) 1000ml
S2752InkjetRISO S-2752 Marine Red Ink FR (2/box) 1000ml
S2753InkjetRISO S-2753 Burgundy Ink FR (2/box) 1000ml

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