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Part No.TypeDescriptionPrice
DK120TonerMURATEC DK-120 Drum Unit
DK2030USTonerMURATEC DK-2030US Black Drum Unit 30k
DK2550TonerMURATEC DK-2550 Black Drum Unit 30k
DK2700TonerMURATEC DK-2700 Drum Unit (Single Unit) 20k
DK2828CTonerMURATEC DK-2828C Cyan Drum Unit 90k
DK2828KTonerMURATEC DK-2828K Black Drum Unit 100k
DK2828MTonerMURATEC DK-2828M Magenta Drum Unit 90k
DK2828YTonerMURATEC DK-2828Y Yellow Drum Unit 90k
DK3035CTonerMURATEC DK-3035C Cyan Drum Unit 30k
DK3035KTonerMURATEC DK-3035K Black Drum Unit 30k
DK3035MTonerMURATEC DK-3035M Magenta Drum Unit 30k
DK3035YTonerMURATEC DK-3035Y Yellow Drum Unit 30k
DK3070TonerMURATEC DK-3070 Black Drum Unit 25k
DK3400CTonerMURATEC DK-3400C Cyan Drum Unit 20k
DK3400KTonerMURATEC DK-3400K Black Drum Unit 20k
DK3400MTonerMURATEC DK-3400M Magenta Drum Unit 20k
DK3400YTonerMURATEC DK-3400Y Yellow Drum Unit 20k
DK4000CTonerMURATEC DK-4000C Cyan Drum Unit 30k
DK4000KTonerMURATEC DK-4000K Black Drum Unit 30k
DK4000MTonerMURATEC DK-4000M Magenta Drum Unit 30k
DK4000YTonerMURATEC DK-4000Y Yellow Drum Unit 30k
DK40360TonerMURATEC DK-40360 Black Drum Unit
DK41500TonerMURATEC DK41500 Drum Cartridge
DK42500TonerMURATEC DK-42500 Black Drum Unit 67k
DK4550TonerMURATEC DK-4550 Black Drum Unit 60k

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