We buy brand new unused and unwanted IBM Ink and IBM Toner Cartridges that our factory sealed product as you would see in a retail store. All expiration dates on inkjet cartridges must be at least six

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Part No.TypeDescriptionPrice
01P6897TonerIBM 01P6897 Toner Cartridge
1040400TonerIBM 1040400 Nylon Printer Ribbon
1040440TonerIBM 1040440 High Yield Nylon Ribbon
1040580TonerIBM 1040580 Auto-Inking Ribbon
1040780TonerIBM 1040780 Nylon Printer Ribbon
1040864TonerIBM 1040864 Printer Ribbon
1040990TonerIBM 1040990 Printer Ribbon
1040993TonerIBM 1040993 (Lexmark) High Contrast Ribbon
1040995TonerIBM 1040995 Printer Ribbon
1040998TonerIBM 1040998 (Lexmark) High Contrast Printer Ribbon Single Ribbon
1053685TonerIBM 1053685 Black Printer Ribbon
1136433TonerIBM 1136433 Lift Off Tape
11A3540InkjetIBM 11A3540 (Lexmark) Re-Inking Ribbon Cartridge
1299095TonerIBM 1299095 High Yield Correctable Ribbon
1299508TonerIBM 1299508 Correctable Ribbon
1337765TonerIBM 1337765 (Lexmark) Lift Off Tape
1348331TonerIBM 1348331 (Lexmark) Fuser Unit
1348347TonerIBM 1348347 (Lexmark) Photoconductor Unit
1380999TonerIBM 1380999 (Lexmark) Correctible Ribbon
1402684TonerIBM 1402684 Transfer Unit 1000k
1402821TonerIBM 1402821 Fuser Unit 1000k
1402822TonerIBM 1402822 Black Toner Bottles 8-pack
1402824TonerIBM 1402824 Toner (8 per box)
28P1882TonerIBM 28P1882 Black Toner
28P2009TonerIBM 28P2009 Black Toner

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