We buy brand new unused and unwanted Gestetner Ink and Gestetner Toner Cartridges that our factory sealed product as you would see in a retail store. All expiration dates on inkjet cartridges must be

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Part No.TypeDescriptionPrice
2960560TonerGESTETNER 2960560 Black Toner
2960925TonerGESTETNER 2960925 Black Toner 8k
339587TonerGESTETNER 339587 Black Toner
84564InkjetGESTETNER 84564 Master Rolls (2/box)
85480TonerGESTETNER 85480 Black Toner 20k
85481TonerGESTETNER 85481 Cyan Toner 18k
85482TonerGESTETNER 85482 Magenta Toner 18k
85483TonerGESTETNER 85483 Yellow Toner 18k
884904TonerGESTETNER 884904 Black Toner 19k
884905TonerGESTETNER 884905 Yellow Toner 10k
884906TonerGESTETNER 884906 Magenta Toner 10k
884907TonerGESTETNER 884907 Cyan Toner 10k
884986TonerGESTETNER 884986 Black Toner 23k
884987TonerGESTETNER 884987 Yellow Toner 17k
884988TonerGESTETNER 884988 Magenta Toner 17k
884989TonerGESTETNER 884989 Cyan Toner 17k
885261TonerGESTETNER 885261 Black Toner (6/box) 8k
885290TonerGESTETNER 885290 Black Toner 11k
885528TonerGESTETNER 885528 Black Toner
887893TonerGESTETNER 887893 Black Toner Cartridge
887899TonerGESTETNER 887899 Black Toner
887905TonerGESTETNER 887905 Magenta Toner Cartridge
887908TonerGESTETNER 887908 Cyan Toner
887924TonerGESTETNER 887924 (5419) Yellow Toner Type K1
887927TonerGESTETNER 887927 (5420) Magenta Toner Type K1

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