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Part No.TypeDescriptionPrice
C13T781100InkjetFUJI C13T781100 Black Ink Cartridge
C13T781200InkjetFUJI C13T781200 Cyan Ink Cartridge
C13T781300InkjetFUJI C13T781300 Magenta Ink Cartridge
C13T781400InkjetFUJI C13T781400 Yellow Ink Cartridge
C13T781600InkjetFUJI C13T781600 Pink Ink Cartridge
fi-7160PrinterFujitsu fi-7160 Desktop Scanner
PA03576B105ElectronicsFUJITSU PA03576-B105 (FI-6770) Flatbed Scanner
PA03586B005ElectronicsFUJITSU PA03586-B005 ScanSnap S1500 Instant PDF Sheet-Fed Scanner for PC
PA03630B005ElectronicsFUJITSU PA03630-B005 (FI-6140Z) Document Scanner
PA03630B055ElectronicsFUJITSU PA03630-B055 (FI-6130Z) Duplex Sheet-Fed Document Scanner
PA03670B055ElectronicsFUJITSU PA03670-B055 (Fi-7160) Sheetfed Color Scanner with Auto Document Feeder
PA03670B085ElectronicsFUJITSU PA03670-B085 (Fi-7160) Sheetfed Color Scanner with Auto Document Feeder

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