How Do You Dispose of Unused Ink & Toner Cartridges

How do you dispose of unused ink cartridges

How Do you Dispose of Unused Ink & Toner Cartridges

How do you dispose of unused ink cartridges

The responsible way to dispose of your unused ink or toner cartridges is to recycle them. Doing so will prevent your ink or toner from joining the 350 million cartridges currently toxifying local landfills and polluting the planet. Recycling your ink or toner is easy to do too, and we’ll be explaining exactly how to do it later in the article.

Before that, you should know that there’s an even better way to dispose of your unused ink or toner cartridges than recycling them…

Sell Your Unused Ink or Toner Online

By selling your unused ink or toner cartridges to a reliable online vendor, you can pass-on your excess printing material to someone else, instead of wasting it. Plus, you can make a little money while doing it (a partial refund for the ink you weren’t using).

Through, you can quickly register to sell your unused cartridges online for up to $350 cash. We’ll buy any of your new, unused or unopened ink and toner cartridges and resell them to those in need.

How to Sell Your Ink or Toner Now

First, create a free account on Once you’ve created your account, you’ll be able to view the different products we accept, along with their estimated prices. Find your ink or toner cartridge, select it, and submit an offer (how much money you would like to receive for your cartridge). After receiving your offer, we will either accept it or submit a counter-offer for your consideration. Finally, once we’ve agreed on a fair price for your ink or toner cartridge, you will receive a purchase order for the agreed price, including instructions on how to send the product to us.

We will buy any quantity of your unused, name brand, OEM, factory sealed ink, toner, or other printer supplies that are in good condition. We do not buy empty, refilled, remanufactured, or compatible brands. Any ink you wish to sell must have an expiration date of at least 9 months into the future. Some of the brands we accept include Inkjet, HP, Brother, Lexmark, Canon, Epson, Xerox, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Sharp, Toshiba, Samsung, Dell, Kyocera, Okidata, and Panasonic.

Our customers trust us because we provide genuine, brand name ink and toner, on par with printer products you would find at any retail store. If you have additional questions please email or call us at 801-299-3519.

How to Dispose of Unused Ink or Toner Cartridges

If your ink or toner cartridges are expiring soon or aren’t eligible to be sold through our website, then you’ll need to recycle them or have them recycled for you. Here are a couple of ways you can safely and easily dispose of unused ink and toner cartridges if you can’t sell them: 

  • Drop off your cartridges at a local office supply store: Because office supply stores carry printer supplies, many of them offer printer supply recycling services. Assuming they do (give them a call first, or visit their website to find out), you can simply drop off your printer cartridges at the office supply store and their employees will recycle them for you. It’s fast and easy, so be sure to check the stores in your area whenever you need to dispose of any printing supplies.

  • Take your cartridges to a local recycling facility: If there aren’t any office supply stores in your area that recycle printer supplies, your next option is to find a recycling facility. It’s actually quite easy to search for one too. Just Google “recycling facilities near me” and use Google maps to browse the different locations in your area. Visit their websites or call them to find out if they accept ink and toner (or whatever material you would like to recycle). You may be surprised to see a few recycling facilities in your area.

Recycling printer cartridges and other supplies is easier than ever thanks to eco-friendly initiatives to normalize and simplify the process of recycling ink and toner. In the year 2020, you don’t have an excuse not to recycle your printing supplies, so join the bandwagon!

How to Refill an Old Ink Cartridge

Another option you may want to consider if you are an experienced printer is manually refilling your cartridges, instead getting rid of them entirely. We don’t recommend this option unless you feel comfortable handling cartridges, because you could make a serious mess if you spill the ink. You could even damage your printer. That said, if you know what you’re doing, then refilling old cartridges could save you money. 

To refill an old cartridge, you will need a bottle of ink, a syringe, a screwdriver (you can buy a refill kit for your brand of ink that includes these materials, as well as refill instructions), and plastic gloves (ink stains). You need to extract ink from the bottle using the syringe, and inject the ink into the cartridge without spilling it. Once there’s enough ink in your cartridge, you can place it back into your printer and it should work the same as it did prior to you refilling it. 

More specific instructions are included with a refill kit, so make sure you buy a kit that matches your brand of ink. Also, be aware that you can only refill an old cartridge a couple of times before its print quality begins to diminish. Then you will need to buy a new cartridge.

In Conclusion

We at Sell Toner believe that you should always dispose of unused ink or toner cartridges responsibly, by recycling them or selling them online so that someone else can use them. That’s why we’ve created a system for selling your ink online with ease

If you have any surplus printer supplies that you aren’t using, don’t let it go to waste. We will buy them from you and resell them to someone else who needs supplies. You’ll make a little money while freeing up some space in your home office, and relieving the burden of housing expiring ink or toner.

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