Will Buy Your Unused Ink & Toner Cartridges

Don't waste money holding on to surplus ink and toner cartridges! Sell your surplus printer ink and toner cartridges with and get cash! buys excess printer cartridges from sellers all over the country. We specialize in liquidation, bankruptcy, overstock, unwanted, clearance, closeout, and freight-related ink and toner merchandise. Did you upgrade to a new printer and are now sitting on obsolete printer ink? buys the ink and toner cartridges you no longer need! Many of our customers are still using printers that use discontinued ink and toner that's just sitting in your storage closet.

How Our Ink Buyback Program Works

You have surplus printer supplies and would like to sell the toner you are no longer using. We would like to buy your new and unused ink and toner cartridges. We use an innovative barter-style system that's based on offers and counter-offers. Our customers submit an offer to with the surplus ink and toner products they'd like to sell. We will look at the offer and decide if we'd like to accept it or present a counter-offer for the products. The offer continues in a back-and-forth manner until we've reached an agreement that benefits everyone.

What Types of Ink and Toner We Buy buys many different brands of printer ink and toner including HP, Brother, Lexmark, Canon, Epson, and Xerox as well as many other brands. We only buy genuine name brand products and pay fair surplus prices for surplus ink and toner. You can sell us any quantity of ink or toner as long as the product is packaged in the original retail box and in good condition!

New and Unused Ink and Toner

Up to 25% of copy printer and fax machines are replaced by newer printer technology every year. This leaves huge amounts of new and unused ink and toner cartridges to gather dust. You can sell us any quantity of genuine name brand ink and toner as long as it's in the original retail box and in good condition!

Discontinued Printer Products

For every new printer purchased, there is a company that's still using the older model of printer being replaced. As these newer printers take over the marketplace, many printer companies discontinue their old printer ink and toner products for those older printers. Since these older printers are still used across the country, we are able to purchase discontinued printer ink and toner cartridges that would normally have to be recycled. On average you'll receive more money by reselling your toner than recycling it.

Surplus and Overstock Printer Products

Too much of a good thing? We buy surplus and overstocked printer ink and toner cartridges from resellers in the same position. If your office supply costs are through the roof, there's a good chance that there's surplus supplies hidden in a supply closet. Lower your office supply costs by reselling your surplus and overstock printer products to

We Also Buy Printers and Other Electronics also purchases printers and other surplus electronics. Contact us today for an offer on your surplus copy printers and electronics.

What We Don't Buy

Our customers trust because we provide genuine, brand name ink and toner cartridges. We only buy ink and toner cartridges that you'd see factory-sealed in a retail store. That means DO NOT buy re-filled, compatible, or generic brand cartridges. If receive anything that is expired, empty, generic, compatible, refilled, or used, we will not pay for the item and it will not be shipped back.

Used and Empty Cartridges

If you ship us empty or used toner cartridges, we will not pay for them or ship them back-We will simply recycle them. Please do not ship us used or empty ink or toner cartridges unless you want them recycled for free and enjoy paying for postage.

Expired Cartridges

All expiration dates on inkjet cartridges must be at least six months into the future. We DO NOT buy expired ink cartridges or used cartridges. Our listed prices assume the product is in excellent condition and suitable for resale.

Want Fast Cash for Your Ink and Toner?

Get cash for you surplus ink and toner supplies! Selling your toner with is the easiest way to get cash for your surplus office supplies. To see how much your toner is worth and receive an offer, create an account and get started! Once you have an account you can sign in, view the products and the target prices, and then start submitting your offers. We appreciate your interest in and are looking forward to a continued and profitable relationship!

You must legally own the product.

All toner, ink, or other product submitted to must have a clear title. By submitting an offer, seller confirms 100% legal ownership of product. (Full Terms and Conditions.)

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